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-=Hydrogen=- -=Hydrogen=-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Kinda cool actually

It makes a bit repeative feeling when there's the same thing going on all the time - I'm speaking about the first instrument here - but there's some variations going on, and that's a good thing.
Overall this is good as it's own genre, whatever it is. I've been listening your stuff and almost everyone has it's own genre or something... At least in my opinion.
I'd just expect a little more going on, but that's your song here. It's good as it is now.

I'm watching what you're doing ;)

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ajduff14 responds:

I'm actually really struggling to pin genre's on them:L there a bitta everything! and This one is repetetive I know, as much as I have worked on it, it still needs more:( maybe sometime in the future i will re-make all this stuff to better it?:L haha, and I can tell your watching me! But honestly cheers for doing so dude, every little helps me out man:)

Mirrored Madness Mirrored Madness

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hmm. I... like it? Eh, wow.

Somehow i really do like this one, I really don't know why.
I love the beat going on the 0:19, until the overvolumed thing ruined it on 0:26. You should have removed that over there...
0:32 was even better.

This is really not bad, even if it sounds like it for many. There's marks of work actually :) It's not a fast scratch like 80% of song in NG. If you could make more of these songs, I'm sure i'll follow what you're doing!

I really want to see more of these ''unoriginal'' songs that has a nice sound of it.
The samples of the beat sounds great because of the good, really good and catching mixing. I dunno if you used presets or downloaded them from somewhere, but i just think they're not presets.

Awesome job, keep going on!

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ajduff14 responds:

Seriously you like that?:L It's my most shocking piece lmao, but we all start somewhere hehe, and it's a mixture of presets and my own that one:) Can't expect not a single preset for my first time haha

I don't know how my songs all end up sounding really wierd different, you try and go from your inspirations you know, but you end up sounding nothing like them and genuinly liking what your making anyway:L

Thanks for the support dude:)

-=The Portal=- -=The Portal=-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it's okay...

Have you ever thought to try some other stuff than Sytrus's ready presets?
I mean, they're way too overused stuff. Nexus could be a nice alternative program for it.
And it's called mixer, when you asked it on the desc.

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ajduff14 responds:

Huh nexus? I've got quite a lot of presets and stuff, i'm just getting a hang of them bit by bit really:) try exploring what I have to use more and more each time

Piano - Idea 39 Piano - Idea 39

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

this is good one

i think i should try to make a full song about this one...
i shall pm to ya when it's done :b

and i'm sure this isn't the only time i stop listening your stuff...