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Dropped my iPhone...

2010-12-01 13:39:01 by Black-Ministry

Allright. I was going to my room and started to get my iPhone in my hands from pocket. Then what happened, I did hit my right shoulder (I was holding it on my right hand) to the edge of the door.
iPhone slip'd from my hand, i tried to catch it from the air (I had a crack on the screen's conrer already, i didn't want an another to distract me).
Tried to catch it all the time, it just went rolling and jumping from my hands all the time... and then...
It was on the ground.
I checked if there's any harm caused, but i didn't see anything different on it. No any new cracks or even scratches.
Then what i noticed, i lost my connection of the sim-card. I was kinda worried about it, but i've had that same issue sometimes and it has been coming back on time.
This time, it didn't just come back.

So! What i'm doing now? Restoring mah iPhone 3GS from a month old backup. I hope if it would work then.
Now it's restarting when i'm writing THIS...
Yeah... I just don't want to spare like 200 euros for the fix... DAMNED!
It didn't work.

Yeah, i spent like 350e for that device. 2,5 months used already and now it's fuck'd up.
Naah, i can go to internet and do stuff with the programs etc... only thing i'm missing now is to call and send messages, or even receive any.

Apple ftw...

It's saying there all the time: ''Ei verkkoa''. That means ''No connection'' or something, but it's showing up as ''No service'' on a english pattern. (image below not mine, but it'll show the issue)

Dropped my iPhone...


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