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2010-11-27 15:34:36 by Black-Ministry

I need to do a song. ANY KINDA SONG!
Because i've been doing nothing for a week.

Any ideas? Please?

Oh, and i'm gonna buy a new iMac, with better processor: 3.66 gHz inter core i5 (not that common 3.2 i3).
Dun' worry, i'm gonna bootcamp a XP (or Windows 7) to it for 200 gigabytes of 1TB. Not that pointless, eh?



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2010-11-27 23:01:18

I have the Mac that's pictured above (which I'm using right now).

Black-Ministry responds:

Yeah, that's the iMac :) pricey, but beautiful.
Once i bought mac mini last year, i fell in love with macs.
Also, the best, BEST music making software is made only for mac os x: logic pro.
I would buy a 2x better pc with that price (1730 euros) if there's a way to install a mac there legally. Though there's no way to do it yet.
Nice to see an another mac user here :)


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